Caelus Consulting

caelusconsultingCaelus provides a range of consulting services including the CurrentState™ Sustainability AuditVendorCheck™ Green Supply Chain services, SustainTrain™ On-Line Courses and a range of Sustainability Reporting support for CDP, GRI, LEED and other standards.

All Caelus services are based on our Sustainability Management Framework™ (SMF). Our framework provides an organization a complete view of sustainability and all services exist inside this structure. SMF has three main categories (Green IT, Facilities and Business) and over 20 more specific sub-categories.  SMF sets our firm and services apart from other consulting firms.


SustainTrain™ provides world-class sustainability courses and training.  We also partner with some of the best sustainability training companies in the world, offering their courses in our rapidly expanding library.

SustainTrain™ courses are delivered online and available 24/7 – so you can train at any time, on your schedule.  You can also complete your courses at your pace, taking as much time as you need.

Whether you are an individual that wants to improve your knowledge or you are a company that needs to train a team of employees, SustainTrain™ has customized solutions for your needs including bulk discounts and coupons for referrals and feedback.